Rootstech: More resources from the Using iOS or Android Devices Sessions

Recording and Preserving Family Stories using your iOS or Android Device presentation cover image

Hello, Rootstechers! Whether you’re checking this page out before this presentation session, or checking in afterwards, greetings!

I’ve got more good info for you, your iOS device, your Android device, and your plans for family interviews.

I mentioned how that the session is devoted to all audio engineer, all the time. Below you’ll see links to some meaty and info-licious strategies for interviewing family.

Plus. More info on iOS devices and Android. For iOS: The Mother of All Equipment Compatibility Guides. And some good Android step by steps.

For the 1940 census article, I used my iPad to conduct that interview. Lots of recap of what I did and how. Both for 1940 census and iPad as recording device.

Finally. Did you attend the session? Was there anything else you wanted to know? Hit me up with that Contact link!

— Susan Kitchens

See below for more info that’s related to the Rootstech session.

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