Yessss! A Mention in the US News cover story!!!

USNWR Sept 27 2007 cover
US News: Making History, by Alex Kingsbury. “From World War II soldiers to the survivors of Hurricane Katrina, more people are sharing their own memories to bring the past back to life.” I spoke with him back in June, the story mentions me and this site. Color me stoked. I’m planning to do a roundup of stories about Ken Burns and The War; I’m tickled that one of them will be slightly self-referential.

I discovered it this afternoon, immediately after posting Genealogy Carnival, after I took my broken-footed boyfriend to doctor’s office. So glad they subscribe to around 4 copies of US News & World Report. They said I could have a copy before I even said, “I’m in here. My name is right here.” 

Ahem. Back to business. There are several related articles and sidebars in this issue. In addition to the main story talking about the phenomenon of oral history and personal memory projects, there are these stories:

A Ken Burns profile—An Intimate View of ‘The War’.

Tips for Recording Oral Histories. Emphasis on equipment and video, and the wisdom of Donald Ritchie, author of Doing Oral History and Senate Historian, and David Isay of the Storycorps project.

Oral History: War Stories (Video, Flash) Movie explaining what the Vetrans History Project is and how it works. You get to see an oral history interview.

‘The War’ Behind the Scenes. Video Filmmaker Ken Burns, best known for his use of still photographs in his documentaries, talks with U.S. News about his new project. (Sept. 13)

The print magazine has several excerpts of oral history transcripts of people who have donated their stories to the Veterans History Project.

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Posted by Susan A. Kitchens on September 18, 2007 in • Oral history in the newsOral History ProjectsVeterans History Project
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Congratulations Susan! This is fantastic! I know your articles on WWII and recording oral history will be immensely popular. You go girl!

Jasia  on 09/18  at  05:02 PM

Wow!!  This is VERY cool!  I can’t wait to get a copy and see for myself.

Moultrie Creek  on 09/19  at  01:22 AM


I just now had a chance to read the entire US News article.  Congratulations on the mention of your web site/blog.  Certainly well deserved!


Janice Brown  on 09/19  at  05:45 AM

Thanks, Jasia, Moultrie and Janice!

Oh and Jasia (and Steve D, wherever you are), there’s someone who blogged the USNWR story in Polish. Alas, the Babelfish translator doesn’t have Polish-to-English in its menu of options.

Susan A. Kitchens  on 09/19  at  07:00 AM

Congratulations Susan! How exciting. I read the online article and will be looking for the magazine.

Apple  on 09/20  at  06:01 PM

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