“Now, where do we take this to have this developed?”

A must-listen story: Memories – both visual and aural (MP3, 8+ mins). Brooks Jensen describes a tape recording he made with his grandparents in this podcast episode (his podcast home page– on photography and the creative process). [via email from Ralph Brandi]

Brooks Jensen totally nails one point, and says it so well. (I’m both pleased to hear him say it and a tad jealous that I didn’t think of it in these words. ) 

I have for years and years understood that we are—you and I—the first generation in the history of the planet to have such capabilities so easily. For you and I, recording audio and capturing that sound of people’s voices—that living sound—we are the first generation who can do that. At least we’re the first generation who can do it so easily, so inexpensively, so readily, with such portable equipment. and with the incredible advantages and quality that’s available to us with the with exigent technologies.

Another thing he mentioned in his story of the grandparents is that he turned the tape recorder off too soon. Let that be a lesson and a warning. The speaker keeps talking, often saving the best stuff for “out take time”. So keep the recorder going!

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Posted by Susan A. Kitchens on March 08, 2007 in • Personal History
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Glad you liked it.  I figured you would. grin

ralph  on 03/09  at  01:11 AM

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