This Friday! #GenChat on Twitter. Topic: Oral Histories and Interviewing.

Genchat announcement [Updated] There’s a Friendly (every other) Friday Free-for-all on Twitter called #GenChat. Squee! I’m delighted to be a special guest for this event.

(Gen as in Genealogy. Chat as in, well, free-for-all, Q & A). This Friday’s topic is Oral Histories and Interviewing.

April showers bring May flowers. May flowers bring on travel season. If you’ll be visiting family, put Interviewing on your To Do list.

(Mother’s Day, Graduation Day, Father’s Day, 4th of July, Vacation time. Reunions. You know, family visits.)

This Friday’s GenChat will be devoted to what to do.

Want to do some story catching during a family visit? Join us. Ask questions. Tell about your experiences. Share tips.

(One of my college professors wrote exam questions that began, “Succinctly describe…” That was prep for Twitter. 140 characters at a time.)

I’m practicing my succinctness. Each paragraph here has no more than 140 characters. Plus, all the words are spelled out. SRSLY! (oh. oops.)

#Genchat on twitter. Friday, April 26, 2013 7pm Pacific (10 Eastern) I (@susankitchens) will be a guest. Genchat is hosted by @indepthgen, @ancestryjourneys,

It’s all about Q & A, so let’s start:

Q: What time does it start?

A: Friday, April 26, 7pm Pacific, 8pm Mountain, 9pm Central, 10pm Eastern.

Q: If I don’t have a Twitter account, can I still follow along?

A: Yes. Go to this link, and you will see all tweets that include the hashtag #GenChat.

Q: Susan, what’s your Twitter handle?

A: @susankitchens.

Q: If I don’t make it to #GenChat, is there any place I can read the chat transcript?

A: Yes. There will be a Storify collection of everyone’s tweets (I’ve updated this post with a link to it)

Conference Keeper. In-Depth Genealogy logos Q: Who hosts GenChat?

A: GenChat is a production of In-Depth Genealogy @indepthgen and Conference Keeper @confkeep

Q: I have another question that you didn’t list here.

A: Please ask it in the comments!

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Posted by Susan A. Kitchens on April 24, 2013 in • GenealogyInterviewing
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