The Samson Zoom Handy 2 is shipping

The Samson Zoom Handy H2, the new portable digital recorder, is finally shipping. Street price just under $200. This is a combination of low-cost and high-quality (recording uncompressed audio in WAV files). I just heard from someone who ordered it –the person sounded very happy thus far. I’ll see if I can get more of a report.

You can use the Zoom Handy H2 as a standalone recorder, or else use it as a USB microphone and plug it straight into your computer to record onto your hard disk drive. The portable method will allow you to record for a good while; The Zoom H2 Handy will take the newer type of 4GB SD flash memory cards (its older sibling, the H4, takes only 2 GB)

Check out the equipment store for with other equipment and supplies for recording and preserving spoken word stories.

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Posted by Susan A. Kitchens on September 05, 2007 in • AudioAudio: Hardware
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