The Memories of Others

are the memories of ourselves. A wise, reflective post by Merge Divide. He touches on the importance of hearing stories from your forbears.

I’ll give you a little taste of the post. Really, just go there and read the whole thing.

My dining companions and I discussed the lives of our forebears. Even though I know both of them extremely well, I discovered that there are formative experiences from their lives that I am largely oblivious of. Much of their own personal stories have been influenced by interactions with people who are long gone.

Have you ever sat down and talked about the people from which you descend? Genealogical research seems to have become immensely popular over the last generation, due to the radical improvements in information technology. […] But while a genealogy can be intriguing with its suggestion of continuity, it is merely the barest skeleton of your own personal history. What do you really know about any of those people? Maybe you have some dim memories of those most recently passed. For those who died long before you were born, you are mostly reliant on the stories of others. How much of this material have you pursued with your oldest living friends and relatives? Conversely, how much have you shared with the youngest members of your family? [Read More]

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Posted by Susan A. Kitchens on January 04, 2007 in • GenealogyPersonal History
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Thanks for posting my entry here.  You have a great site.

-Merge Divide

merge divide  on 01/04  at  05:05 PM

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