The face Dad always drew on the birthday cakes

the face, thesneeze.comHow to Draw a Face: A Mystery. A son asks his father the story behind the face that Dad always drew on cards and birthday cakes. [via boingBoing] A delightful story in three parts, 60 years in the making. “The only reason the internet exists is for this conversation to be on it!”

My father has been drawing this same ‘face’ on my birthday cards and cakes for as long as I remember. I recently started pressing him for info about this face that he’s been drawing for 60 years and it all unfolded with a completely unexpected and satisfying ending.

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Posted by Susan A. Kitchens on January 04, 2008 in • Personal History
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Wonderful interview and story with his Dad on .  I remember those drawing books by Frank Webb, I might have worked with one also, when in Grammar School.  I wonder how the son recorded his father’s voice from the phone interview.  Thanks for the link to this great story about following up a signature drawing which was so well documented on birthday cakes!!!  Donna

Donna Hague Wendt  on 01/05  at  07:57 AM

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