Tartan Thoughts: So, there was, like, this big Genealogy shindig in Salt Lake City recently, and…

image So I hear there was this great gathering of genealogists in Salt Lake City recently, at an event that goes by the acronym NGS. Many people attended, and blogged about it. I read a few of the roundups, but one in particular caught my eye – the Ancestry Insider post that included a link to a movie. About family with a clan. And a tartan. I’ll embed it here, with color commentary.

About the Clan McCloud. So you know, McCloud is an anglicization (americanization) of the spelling of the name McLeod or MacLeod.

Oh, that photo at the top of this post? Those are my parents and Dad is wearing what we call the Loud MacLeod tartan—also known as the bumblebee tartan. I can’t say as that tartan goes well against my particular skin tones. I’ve written about my family’s erstwhile and dubious MacLeod connections in my story Not from the Isle of the Lewes. The blood is fake and mythical, but our experience meeting Chief John MacLeod of MacLeod was very real.  Alas, most of my good photos of that trip are all slide transparencies. There is much to scan, and I’ve not even begun.

So, with that as the background, I was amused to see a movie with a story about someone with real blood ties to the Isle of Skye (or Lewis, Harris or other islands in the Outer Hebrides off the western coast of mainland Scotland).

Watch the movie. You’ll recognize the Loud MacLeod tartan.

From someone who has danced on the gunyard of Dunvegan Castle, and has climbed both of MacLeod’s Tables, Hold Fast!

UPDATE: Experiencing technical difficulties with the movie. Am working on it.


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Posted by Susan A. Kitchens on May 14, 2010 in • GenealogyPersonal History
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