Tape Restoration Notes

Richard Hess has a new blog– Restoration Notes about restoration of tape recordings and digital transfer. He’s one of my heroes when it comes to digital audio. His knowledge about tape and formats is detailed and vast. He’s the go-to guy to pull audio off of tape that may be destroyed or otherwise gone to audio no-man’s-land.

I met Richard when he taught an audio restoration workshop at Cal State Fullerton’s Center for Public and Oral History. Back when he lived 2 cities over (that’s “nearby” in Southern California-speak… he since moved to Ontario, Canada), I visited his audio restoration home office and we whiled away a happy afternoon as audio geeks talking shop. Well, okay, he was mostly talking, and I was young Grasshopper, taking it all in. I’ve blogged about him before. 

I hope to have an interview with Richard on this site, too.

[disclosure: I gave Richard some advice on the software he used for his blog while he was setting up his site.]

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Posted by Susan A. Kitchens on March 08, 2006 in • Do it: Hiring HelpLinks
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