Talking History: Aural history and Oral History

Based at the University of Albany, SUNY. Has a weekly broadcast/internet radio program, Talking History.

Talking History home page. Site has links to shows in Real Media and MP3 formats. (Also, the Talking History page at

Our mission is to provide teachers, students, researchers and the general public with as broad and outstanding a collection of audio documentaries, speeches, debates, oral histories, conference sessions, commentaries, archival audio sources, and other aural history resources as is available anywhere. We hope to expand our understanding of history by exploring the audio dimensions of our past, and we hope to enlarge the tools and venues of historical research and publication by promoting production of radio documentaries and other forms of aural history.

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Posted by Susan A. Kitchens on April 18, 2005 in • AudioOnline Oral History CollectionsOral history in the news
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