Sunday, June 11: Vloggercon in San Francisco: I talk Oral History

Vloggercon, Oral History, Digital Stories and Mother’s Day: I’ve been hard at work creating a digital story from an interview I conducted with my Mother on Mother’s Day. I’ll be showing it tomorrow (Sunday, June 11, 3:15 pm) at the Vloggercon panel on Digital Storytelling and Oral History.

Sessions are streamed live over the web (link to live streams here; my session takes place in the Valhalla room). The video will be available afterwards for viewing, too.

It took all week to create a 3-minute video. Lots of motion graphics; I took a motion graphics class a year ago; I got to put it all to use for this. It’s prolly a bit over-the-top as far as digital storytelling goes, and I’m very pleased with the result. (my boyfriend looked at it and said, “You may intimidate people with it; they’ll look at it and say, “I have to do all that?!” Good point. But I’ve done graphic design for decades…) Will prolly post it online and link to it one of these days once things get back to “normal” (!!).

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Posted by Susan A. Kitchens on June 10, 2006 in • AfterwardsDo it: Learn HowPersonal History
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I just listened to your podcast.

I am very impressed with your topic and your voice and how you handle your podcast. It sounds very good.
I will keep listening.

please keep up the good work/

DMG  on 06/11  at  08:20 PM

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