Students gather oral histories of Montana women

New oral-history collection created by a group of Montana State University undergraduates.

From the Billings Gazette article:

Nineteen MSU students chose female neighbors, relatives, church friends or other acquaintances to interview for a research seminar in women’s studies.

Most of the women were from Montana, and each had to be at least a generation older than the MSU student interviewing them. The oldest woman interviewed was 90.

This topic is close to my heart. My grandmother and her sisters grew up in Billings. The interviewees for this project are about a decade or two younger than she was (born in 1898). But it’s thrilling for me—just knowing that a collection like this exists. And it’s a pointer for others…check out the universities near where your ancestors come from; there may be some history students who are doing some of the research for you. If not the single life of the person you’re thinking of, then the larger setting for time and place.

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Posted by Susan A. Kitchens on May 03, 2005 in • Oral history in the news
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