Southwest Oral History Conference links in progress

At the Southwest Oral History Association conference. This is my links in progress list of sites mentioned here. This post will continue to grow throughout the weekend as more sites get mentioned.

The Oral History on the Web Room on Friendfeed mentioned at the breakfast session (I created it, have a post in draft here, but not yet posted, w/ more explanation) but still. Go see it.

Twitter search results for #oralhistory (oral history in general) and #soha09 (the conference twitter feed)

King High Remembers Martin Luther King Jr High School does an annual event of interviewing veterans. Sunday morning, we heard from the teacher, Mr. Corona, who founded the project.

The Eastsiders. A documentary produced by Eighth and Wall.
William Beverly spoke about the project, and showed clips from it.

This is a documentary celebration of the Eastside neighborhood of Los Angeles, down which runs the Central Avenue corridor. From 1920 to 1965, it celebrates Central Avenue with the likes of William “Buddy” Collette and his sextet, Jackie Kelso and Clora Bryant. It also celebrates the multi-cultural make up of the residents of that corridor, many who would never set foot in a nightclub.




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Posted by Susan A. Kitchens on March 28, 2009 in • Links
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