SoCal Genealogical Jamboree this weekend

image I’ll be in Burbank at the Burbank Airport Hilton Marriott later today and all weekend, representin’ this site and showing off equipment for making recordings. Should be lots of fun. Oh, and I got a wonderful audio-equipment-related birthday present yesterday. So retro. So cool.

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Posted by Susan A. Kitchens on June 08, 2007 in • Genealogy
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How do I get an otter box for recording stories and transferring to my computer like you had at Jamboree and talked about on Genealogy Guys.

Nancy Peralta  on 06/15  at  08:02 AM

Hi Nancy—

Here is a link to the custom otterbox with preamp made by The Sound Professionals. I’m still composing an article describing what I bought and why… It was a matter of weighing a bunch of tradeoffs. I want to make sure that you understand why I built my system the way that I did. I’ll send word when I’ve posted that article (this week).

(also, apologies for the delay in responding; between preparations for the show last weekend and finals for a class I was taking this past week, I re-injured my back by sitting in front of computer too much and had to take time away from keyboard this last weekend)

Susan A. Kitchens  on 06/18  at  10:09 AM

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