Schenectady, NY: Feb 21 Intro to Oral History + Folklore

Schenectady Gazette: Feb 21, 2pm (Thurs) at the Schenectady County Historical Society, there’ll be a presentation on how to conduct oral histories. The presenter is Ellen McHale, executive director of the Folklore Society, located in Schenectady. The Folklore Society participates in the Veterans History Project, too. Oh, and she’s taught workshops at the Erie Museum, Apple. (tee hee!) Small world.

I’m very stoked to see this Schenectady mention. My Mom grew up in Schenectady; her parents both worked at the General Electric Co. I’d been aware of the Schenectady Museum (lots of GE archives there, including some of my grandfather’s papers), and I’ve seen the Schenectady History site run, in part, by the library.

Thanks to this story, I’ve found a couple of new, Schenectady-related links:

Folklore Society. Man oh man, their links page is mighty rich.
Schenectady County Historical Society

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Posted by Susan A. Kitchens on February 11, 2008 in • Do it: Learn HowOral history in the news
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They have a very eclectic link list. I found a couple of good ones. Thanks for sharing. I’m taking my oldest grandson to the Erie Canal Museum for the lecture next week.

Apple  on 02/11  at  05:24 PM

Hi Susan,

Where are you in California?  I have a book to send to you that is a genealogical story that connects San Francisco to Schenectady just after the 1906 earthquake.  It was a favor to the attendees at the California Genealogical Society’s 110th Anniversary Celebration last Saturday.  I already have my own copy of “A Most Dreadful Earthquake” and I was just wondering who I should send this one to when I found this post.  Synchronicity!

Kathryn Doyle  on 02/13  at  07:50 PM


I’m in the greater L.A. area. I’ll send you an email with my address. Wow. That’s toooooo cooool. My grandparents didn’t settle in Schenectady until the early 20s, but I’ll read, enjoy, and when I go to check out the various historical societies there, I’ll give them the copy.

Susan A. Kitchens  on 02/13  at  10:02 PM

Thanks for the Schenectady links - I had not seen the Folklore site yet so I’ll add this to my set of links.

My ancestors arrived in Schenectady in the late 1660s and were involved with the massacre in 1689/1690.  I’ve only made one trip back there so far but might make another one this summer to do some research and photo taking!

Thomas MacEntee  on 02/20  at  07:44 AM

Thomas—wow. I know nothing of the massacre. What happened? Did your family leave the Schenectady area for another location, or did they die out? (if only 1 visit, I’m guessing that you didn’t visit relatives there during your lifetime).

Oh, and if you want to see some photos of Schenectady, you can see them at the Schenectady Museum site. Of course, they’re very GE-centric. Which works for me (both grandparents worked for GE), but may not for thee.

Susan A. Kitchens  on 02/20  at  11:04 AM

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