Scanfest this Sunday, 20 May

From 11am Pacific to 2pm Pacific. Scan your photos or documents and chat with other scanners. Let’s meet in Gizmo Project – if you have a USB headset or a microphone on your computer, you can do the Internet route. I’ll set up a conference room. Or you can do the call on the fone route.

There are two ways to get to the conference room:

1. Gizmo Project. The Voice over IP method.
Download the software, set up an account and then enter the conference room. (see movie, below) You’ll need some kind of a microphone.
Dead easiest is using a USB headset.
Dead easiest is using a MacOS laptop (built in mic)
I don’t know about built in mics using Windows Laptops. Do you have one that’s got a built in mic?

If you’re using a built in mic, I urgently recommend that you use headphones. (nab the earbuds from the nearest portable media player) Why? Because I hear myself talk, in my head, then, a few seconds later, I hear an echo as my words come out of your computer speakers and then go back into your microphone and get transmitted back to me, at a delay long enough that makes it difficult for me to think.

The conference room number to use is: 5953299.

2. Pick up the phone and dial!

If you don’t want to do the over-the-internet method, then you can call in using a regular old phone line:

Regular phones call #1-605-475-8515, enter your conference room number and start conferencing.

My conference room number is 5953299

Here’s a little demo movie to show you how to get into the conference room using GizmoProject. Let’s see if this works. Click the image to begin playing movie:

QuickTime movie, 55 seconds, 1.8 MB:

Flash Video: 55 seconds, 1.8 MB:

(Problems viewing movie? Please say so in the comments.
Able to see the movie? I’d love to hear that, too)

Note: the movie concludes with “you are the only person in this conference. Please hold…” That’s what you hear when you’re the only one. But come Sunday, there’ll be more than one and so the lovely lady voice says something to the effect of putting you in conference.

p.s. My handle on GizmoProject (and AIM/iChat) is auntialias. If you have connection problems, you can IM me.

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Posted by Susan A. Kitchens on May 18, 2007 in • General
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I don’t see any image for the quick time movie to click on.

Donna Wendt  on 05/19  at  02:33 AM

Donna, I added a Flash version, too. Can you see it? If not, let me give you a direct link to the movie.

Susan A. Kitchens  on 05/19  at  07:50 AM

I couldn’t see the Flash player either, then I tried updating my Quick Time - I downloaded Quick Time version 7.1.6 and could see the image for both Quick Time and Flash Video at your website.  I was then able to see and hear the Quick Time movie just fine. Will keep trying to get the Flash Player to work, just to see if I can do it.  I hope to join the conference Sunday.

Donna Wendt  on 05/19  at  11:19 AM

Now, I am able to view the movie on Flash Player, guess just a slow transfer the first time.  Before I saw the movie I was checking out the Gizmo site, and it looked like I could get to your conference just by going to the “Conference” tab and typing 1-222-5953299 in the box at the top (by the telephone symbol)and clicking on the green round telephone button.  I got an empty conference room with crickets chirping in the background and saying I was the only one in the conference room.  I’ll try this way first Sunday, just for fun.

Donna Wendt  on 05/19  at  11:26 AM

Ah! cool. thanks for telling me of your experiments. I hadn’t tried that way before, so it’s good to know how it works.

Susan A. Kitchens  on 05/19  at  04:13 PM

I’m adding a comment!

miriam  on 05/20  at  10:41 AM

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