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A website devoted to longevity and preservation of digital photographs. A site put together by the International Imaging Industry Association (I3A). Cause you want to “remember the day in pictures” but not have your digital images go to “file heaven”– that location the bits go when your disk drive crashes or you accidentally erase the files.
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And while digital technologies have changed the way we capture and share photos, the desire to safeguard our visual heritage today, and in the future, remains essentially the same.

The companies that comprise the International Imaging Industry Association, or I3A, understand this all too well. That’s why we created this site—to help you understand how to protect and preserve your photographic memories for years to come.

The issues with digital preservation of photographs are bascially the same as the issues of digital preservation of spoken word stories. Once the files exist as digital files (hey, it’s all bits), you’re in the realm of preserving digital media. This page comparing backup methods is as good a pointer for audio recordings as for photos. Of course, the number of photos that fit on a [insert item type here] differs from the amount of audio recordings you’d be able to store on the same media format.

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Posted by Susan A. Kitchens on February 11, 2007 in • DigitalityLongevityPhotographs
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