Question from the mailbag: Can I use my iPhone charger with Zoom Handy H1?

An iPhone plug + a compatible USB cable + a Zoom Handy H1 = power source from wall outlet! An excellent question from Clint leads to this test and solution to give a Zoom Handy H1 a power supply with a standard USB cable and an iPhone charger.

Clint asked,

Question about the power supply. It looks to be a pretty standard setup, do you think an iphone wall plug-in power supply paired with the proper USB cord would work just the same?

Clint figured if he could do without the power supply, he’d be fine.

I grabbed my iPhone plug, a USB cable, and tried it out.

I’m thrilled to report that it works!

Here you see the Zoom Handy working while being powered using an iPhone plug. (Note the red light on the Zoom Handy H1, indicating that the recorder is powered up and recording!)

Of course, in this picture, I have the Zoom H1 Handy set on the tripod that also comes with the Accessory Kit (mostly so it would be easier to photograph both the Zoom Handy H1 recorder and my wall socket.)

No one paid me to write about these products. Any purchase made through my Affiliate links support my research into tools and techniques for capturing and preserving family stories.

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Posted by Susan A. Kitchens on October 09, 2013 in • AudioAudio: HardwareiOS
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Hey, I want to buy the H1 but need a different charger since Israeli outlets are 220v and will most likely destroy the device with its current charger (Im planning to order irt from the US). Do you think a Galaxy charger (110v~220v) will work without damaging it?



jason  on 06/07  at  01:25 AM

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