Podcast 1 - Introduction

Podcast 1: Family Oral History Using Digital Tools. 20 minutes. A few clips of my interviews with Grandpa. More about that visit. Plans for future podcasts. [podcast feed link]

Show notes: When I visited with my Grandpa, I blogged it at 2020Hindsight at A Lake George Diary.

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Posted by Susan A. Kitchens on March 17, 2006 in • Podcasts
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Excellent podcast.. looking forward to more

Eddie Dickey  on 03/18  at  08:56 PM

Nice Podcast…I can’t wait to hear more…in fact, I have been waiting for the next one to show up in mu Juice log!

Great topic to do oral presentation too! (a natural medium for it)

Quentin Lewiw  on 05/07  at  03:02 PM

Very cool stuff!  We all wish we could do what you did here.

JVonD  on 09/27  at  03:40 PM

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