Oral History of Technology

In a twist from this site’s theme, the technology of personal oral history, here are some links to collections of oral histories of technology (thanks to some semi-recent discussion of the Oral History mailing list)

Academic institutions. Caltech is in my regional neighborhood. So’s Harvey Mudd. I’m interested in the other big tech institution across the country, MIT (Massachussetts Institute of Technology), since my Grandmother (and uncle) graduated from there. (If you saw my movie where my Mother talks about her mother, you see old school newspapers from MIT)

Other institutions that might have oral history collections are: RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology), Rensselaer,  Georgia Tech, Stanford (see “Silicon Valley” below), Berkeley, Carnegie-Mellon. I’m sure there are others.

Women and technology and oral history brings up some interesting results…

The IBM site is an example of another place to look for tech and oral history sites: corporations. Large, well-established companies, mind you. See what they’re doing in the way of history. Here are companies to poke around in (these don’t have links, just suggestions) Hewlett Packard, Intel, Oracle, Microsoft, Apple, Xerox Parc, Lucent (the former Bell Labs), Westinghouse, Corning. General Electric’s historical archives are at the Schenectady Museum (my grandfather’s papers are housed there).

In the Silicon Valley, there are museums and campuses with relevant oral histories:

At the Smithsonian, the Lemelson Center for the study of Innovation and Invention has a list of oral histories

Professional Organizations:

NASA Oral Histories


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Posted by Susan A. Kitchens on September 04, 2006 in • Online Oral History Collections
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Thank you very much for MIT Oral History Collection. I have searched the list for a long time and at last I got it from your blog. Except this all other links are also very good.

Stefani  on 12/21  at  11:21 PM

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