My Rootstech Session made it into Deseret News! Plus: a few links n tidbits

Screen capture of the Deseret News story regarding my Rootstech session on using iOS and Android devices to interview family members Thrilled. Pleased. Proud: My Rootstech session was written up in a story by Alexis Jones in the Deseret News. Welcome, Deseret News readers! Here are a few additional pointers, links, and tidbits.

Think Like an Interviewer

My Rootstech 2013 landing page for Rootstech attendees, with links to all my articles on interviewing.

Rootstech Session Syllabus
The session syllabus, on the Rootstech site. LOTS of detail there. Lots. Just go download the PDF right now. And hey, it links to the Rootstech 2013 page, mentioned above.

Audio-In on the iOS

The mother of all posts with all the audio-in compabitility for each and every iOS device since Apple introduced the iPhone and iPod Touch in 2007.

Now here Still to come: A summary of my slides of the process of setting up Easy Voice Recorder on Android.

Apps! We gotcher Apps right here

Recommended Apps for iOS devices (these links will open in the iTunes Store)
Free: RØDE Rec LE
Paid: RØDE Rec, FiRe (Field Recorder). $6 and oh so worth it.
They’re the same thing under the hood; both the RØDE mic manufacturers and Blue Mic manufacturers licensed the software from Audiofile Engineering.

Recommended Apps for Android
Easy Voice Recorder. Free version is ad-supported and does the trick.
Easy Voice Recorder Pro. Pony up a few bucks to get the ability to adjust the microphone. (Necessary if you’re using the Edutige EIM-001, a mic that amplifies audio; it may amplify things too much tho without a control for microphone sound levels!).
If you’ve got Android 4.0+, try the just released iRig Recorder, by IK multimedia, makers of the iRig MicCast. I need to spend a bit more time with this; using older Android devices at the moment.

Don’t know which version of the Android Operating System you have? Look at the bottom of this post for how to check your own.

Talk to Me

Got a story about your own experience interviewing family? A question? Someplace you got stuck? Tell me. I want to know. In the comments, or via the contact link. I’m all ears.

(oh, and my mega-Rootstech roundup post is still in progress. Which do you want first: “Easy Voice Recorder screenshots” or “Rootstech the show: How It all Was for me?” Right. I’m on it. Easy Voice Recorder Slides come first.)

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