More Kodak Moments of Closure: Kodak Gallery, Ektachrome

Kodachrome is now gone, with Ektachrome soon to follow. A coupla slides in one of my slide carousels. I've used them both, used them well. The Death of Kodak announcements, they keep rolling in. No sooner do I post about America’s Storyteller, Kodak, shedding parts of their photo businesses, and they announce a couple more endings. Kodak Gallery to be sold to Shutterfly, and Ektrachrome will go the way of Kodachrome: Away. Dead. Finis.

Kodak Gallery: In which I say something and am immediately proven wrong

I had this IM conversation last week. A friend read the previous entry and said

Friend: “I didn’t realize Kodak was going out of business. That’s unbelievable.”
Susan:  “I don’t think kodakgallery is on the chopping block…”

I said that because I’d read from the ending-of-digital-camera announcement that Kodak would be concentrating on their printing business. After all Kodak Gallery is a printing business, right? Upload photos, and get them printed. Alas, no. It looks as though Kodak will sell its Kodak Gallery site to Shutterfly. (The “printing business” is digital printers and inks) It’s a good thing I didn’t go in and update the post with my little theory about Kodak Gallery, because in a matter of day, I’d have to alter that again.

Ektachrome slide in the carousel, in a box with other slides.

You too, Ektrachrome?

And now, just a couple of days after my previous post, I see at BoingBoing that other Kodak slide film—Ektachrome and Elite Chrome Extra Color—will also go away. Just like Kodachrome.

Speaking of Kodachrome, I found a lovely set of Kodachrome posts & 10-minute documentary about Kodachrome processing, and the end of Kodachrome.

Here’s the documentary (Sound comes in after a bit):

KODACHROME 2010 from Xander Robin on Vimeo.

Will you miss Kodak products?


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Posted by Susan A. Kitchens on March 04, 2012 in • LongevityObsolecencePhotographs
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