Memory Miner is now on Windows!

imageGo and get it! Just in time for Family Tech Support Holiday, I mean, Thanksgiving! wink I kid (but I have blogged Thanksgiving Tech before), but it’s true.

MemoryMiner is a photo album and then some (it won best of show when it was introduced at Macworld in January 2006)—import your photos. Identify the people in the photos, the places, and the date the photo was taken (even if your date is approximate). The more you add and work with, the more you can look at photos differently. Let me see photos of Grandma Kitchens, taken in her childhood and teens (1901-1920) before she married Grandpa and became a “Kitchens.” Click the icon for her, and move the date sliders to show 1901-1920. Voila! Your photo album just got rearranged to show only those photos.

Since early in the days of MemoryMiner (Mac), photo libraries have been sharable. So if you load up your images, and identify people and their places and names, you can export the library and give it to a Mac-using family member, and save your relative all the work.  Now Windows users get in on the fun, to work with family photos, and, yes, to soon get in on the sharing fruits of who-when-where labors. (just double-ckecked, and the library sharing will come in the next Windows version. It wasn’t in the initial Mac version, either. Share, and share alike, I guess.) I come from a large family. Half of us use Macs, the other half use Windows. I can create a photo library in MemoryMiner and can soon share it with my Windows-using brethren (literally).

You get 15 days free tryout with MemoryMiner, and there’s introductory pricing worth giving thanks for: $30 (instead of $45).

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Posted by Susan A. Kitchens on November 19, 2007 in • Family History SoftwarePersonal HistoryPhotographs
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