Media Supply: Archiving, Paper Labels and Sharpies

Media Supply’s Archiving Advice

Our company has been in the CD-R business for years and we have worked with lots of clients who use discs for archiving. Here are some tips we recommend to clients….

1. Anytime you plan on long time storage, don’t use paper labels. […]

2. Try to go with a true gold disc if you want to seriously archive. A gold reflective layer disc with Phthalocyanine dye has a shelf life of almost 300 years, compared to under 100 for a silver Phthalocyanine dye disc, and less than 30 for a Cyanine discs. Basically the metal in the silver disc can oxidize, and the gold doesn’t, so no breakdown of the refective layer. Watch out for some gold discs that are just a gold screen print on the surface. MAM-A and Hi-Space both use real gold reflective layers. If you can’t go gold, at least go with a silver Phthalocyanine disc.

3. In general avoid writing on discs with Sharpies. Use water based markers […]

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Posted by Susan A. Kitchens on August 29, 2004 in • AudioAudio: Hardware
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