London: Digital Lives Research Conference

image Feb 9-11 in London: 1st Digital Lives Research Conference is from the project of interest to “individuals who wish to manage their own personal digital collections for family history, biographical or other purposes.”

There’s a blog associated with the Project/Conference. Have no idea if there’ll be postings from the conference, as the blog’s author, Jeremy John said, “My new year resolution is to blog more frequently.” (ahem, Jeremy. I can relate!)

Conference topics include:

  • Digital Lifelines: Practicalities, Professionalities and Potentialities
    • Aspects of Digital Curation
    • Digital Economy and Philosophy
    • On the Monetary Value of Personal Digital Objects
    • Digital Preservation
    • Practical Experiences
    • Professional Matters Arising, Options for the Future and Resolutions
  • Personal Information Lifecycles: Creator, Curator, Consumer

    • Personal Information Management and Usability
    • Forensics, Authenticity, Security and Digital Capture
    • Historical Research and Private Lives
    • Scientific Research with People
    • Towards Digital Biography
    • Legal and Ethical Issues
    • Creators’ Experiences, Anticipations and Thoughts
    • Writers in Conversation (OMG OMG that includes A.S. Byatt, a fave author of mine!)
  • Living Online and Digital Archives in the Wild

    • iSCIENCE?
    • Web 2.0 & Cloud Computing
    • Emerging Technologies
    • Digital Pens and Virtual Research Environments
    • Visualisation, Future Access and iArt
    • Internet Law
    • Virtual Worlds
    • Digital Conversazione
    • Digital Life at the Extremes

I love this (from the site): “Authorised blogging tag: ” I’ve seen nothing on Twitter with that usage, though. So I’m on the lookout afor the phrase “digital lives” on Twitter.

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Posted by Susan A. Kitchens on February 08, 2009 in • Digitality
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