Lives Connected - Katrina Oral History

Lives Connected (uses Flash) is a website presenting video oral history of accounts of surviving Katrina. All the interviewees are staff of the New Orleans-based Peter A. Meyer Advertising Agency.

lives connected [Click image to enlarge] The website is an experiment in “data visualization” in Flash*—there’s a line that extends from the name of the current interviewee, with themes about what is discussed. Clicking the title for a theme creates a tree for that theme,  containing names of other people who discuss the same theme. Rather than sitting through one video and then another, the viewer can jump around from topic to topic.

(I would like to see a list of all topics somewhere. I came to it thinking, “Oh, Katrina oral history” and not “oOh, the stories of people who work at a NOLA Ad Agency” and so I hunted around to see if there was anyone in the oral history who did not evacuate.)

The site is Ad Age’s “Website of the Week.”

*Of interest to me because I’m taking a Flash course at my local community college… the better to create how-to content for this site, my dear.

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Posted by Susan A. Kitchens on March 05, 2007 in • AfterwardsLinksOral History Projects
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