Interviewing, redux

Questions! We get questions. Today, I got a question that went something like this: “Do you know of a resource for interviews? I’m going to interview my parents.” For interviewing tips, be sure to check out the Interview category of posts here. There are a ton, there.

The question also tells me that it’s getting time to do a redesign to make things easier to find here. Any thoughts or suggestions you have about the site, please chime in at the comments. Thanks!

UPDATE: Got a good comment to this post: where to find a list of qusetions? Best and quickest place, hands down, is the StoryCorps question generator.

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Posted by Susan A. Kitchens on February 12, 2007 in • HousekeepingInterviewing
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Susan, what about using a wiki? The blog works well for conversations, but for building some knowledge to get referenced frequently it does not work so well. For example, I followed the link to your posting of 2/12/07 from my RSS Reader to your blog. And then followed the link you made in the post to end up in the same place. Duh? That did not help. The series of posts here reference questions and books on questions but no listing of interview questions. See what I mean?

Good topic, I am started to record conversations with my father and I come back here to share what I learn from those experiences. haven’t decided yet if I’ll create another blog to share my father’s stories. Need to get some recorded first.


Steve Sherlock  on 02/14  at  07:10 PM


Thanks for coming and commenting. Yes, I’m seeing how a wiki would help. And happily, the software that runs this site has a wiki module.

BTW, the interview questions that are good can be found at the StoryCorps Queston Generator. I’ll update the post to emphasize the link.

Susan A. Kitchens  on 02/16  at  03:18 PM

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