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Johnson Space Center Oral History Project. This is cool. “Participants include managers, engineers, technicians, doctors, astronauts, and other employees of NASA and aerospace contractors who served in key roles during the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Skylab, and Shuttle programs.” In addition toh manned (and womanned) space flight, there’s at least one interview that concerns robotic space flight.

This is cool for me, because I attended a shuttle launch in Florida. Just last Friday, I went to a booksigning by Jim Bell, the scientist in charge of the Mars Rovers cameras (Book: Postcards from Mars).

I poked around the site. If you want to browse to see what’s there, here’s an alphabetical list of participants. There are search pages (which I tried first), but I wouldn’t recommend it, as you have to know what you’re looking for in order to look for it. (I searched “Aldrin”—as in Buzz Aldrin—and came up empty)

Cool! In the Herstory section, there’s a link to the transcript of Donna Shirley [pdf], who managed the Mars Pathfinder program. When I attended the Spirit Lands on Mars event held by the Planetary Society in Pasadena, California, there was a NASA-TV feed and Donna Shirley at the rostrum telling us all what was happening.

Here’s how the links work (if the Donna Shirley one is the same as all others). The link on the browse page leads to small one-page pdf file. On that page is a link to the remainder of the transcript, which you can download from web browser or inside Acrobat (I did latter). I guess they put this two-part click and then click dance to

make it more difficult

to save on bandwidth or something. The full Donna Shirley transcript is 121 pages long.

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Posted by Susan A. Kitchens on January 16, 2007 in • Online Oral History Collections
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