Holiday Shopping at Library of Congress

Here are some way-too-cool items that you can buy from the Library of Congress gift store. You can spend a good amount of time browsing through all the offerings (I have!). Recordings, maps, photos, clothing, books, posters, and much more.


image A Treasury of Library of Congress Field Recordings

Since 1928, Library of Congress fieldworkers have gathered thousands of American folksongs in farmhouses, prison barracks, and schoolrooms across the nation. Researchers traveled the back roads of the Delta, the Appalachians, and the Great Plains using battery-powered disc-cutting machines as they ventured beyond the grid of rural electricity. Here are 30 of the greatest performances from the legendary Library of Congress recording series.

Here’s a list of all the other folk recordings available… What a tremendous array of recordings from various places and sub-cultures. See anything that matches where your family comes from?

Afro-American Blues and Game Songs; Afro-American Folk Music; Afro-American Spirituals, Work Songs, and Ballads; American Sea Songs & Shanties CD; Anglo-American Ballads Volume 1, Volume 2; Black Stringband Music; Children of the Heav’nly King; Cowboy Songs, Ballads, and Cattle Calls From Texas; Folk Music from Wisconsin; Jelly Roll Morton Boxed CD Set; or, individually: Jelly Roll Morton Vol. 1, Vol 2, Vol 3, Vol 4; Lead Belly: Midnight Special Vol. 1; Lead Belly: Gwine Dig a Hole to Put the Devil In Vol. 2; Lead Belly: Let It Shine on Me Vol. 3; Lead Belly: The Titanic Vol. 4; Lead Belly: Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen Vol. 5; Lead Belly: Go Down Old Hannah Vol. 6; Negro Blues and Hollers; Negro Religious Songs and Services; Negro Work Songs and Calls; Railroad Songs and Ballads CD; Sacred Harp Singing; Sacred Music of the Moroccan Jews; Songs & Ballads of American History and of the Assassinations of Presidents; Songs & Ballads of the Anthracite Miners; Songs & Ballads of the Bituminous Miners; Songs of the Mormons & Songs of the West; Woody Guthrie (3 CD set). 


image A collection of historical maps, including world maps, illustrated maps of European countries,  bird’s eye views of selected American cities, Battle of Gettysburg map, Lewis & Clark Maps, Railroad Maps, Globes, World Maps, and more.

Photos & Prints

image Photos, posters and prints in a variety of categories: African Americans; Animals; Aviation; Boats, Ships, Harbors; Children, Families; Civil Rights; Civil War; Early American History; Famous Photographers; Flag; Holidays; Labor; Landscape; Magazine and Book Covers; Maps; Monuments; Music; Nation’s Capitol; Native Americans; One-of-a-Kind; Posters; Reading; Russian Empire; Slavery; Sports; The Great Depression; Women.

(shown: Jack Delano’s Union Station in Chicago)

There are other items, too… Take a look at the Top 100 to see what the most popular ones are.

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