History Spared: New Orleans Public Archives

The story of the archives in the New Orleans Public Library

Chicago Journal: History Spared

So it was a relief, not to mention a bit of a miracle, last Friday when [Alan Harris] Stein got word from the library’s disaster cleanup people that the archives were safe and the building had only suffered minor damage. The news freed up time for him to think about his next project: recording the oral histories of Katrina survivors. To gather the most immediate stories, he plans gathering interviews done by reporters on the scene at places like the Astrodome and the Convention Center. Then, arm interviewers sanctioned by the Oral History Association with digital recorders and send them out in the field. He’d also like to set up a “story booth” in Houston, similar to the Story Core trailer that stopped in Chicago recently, that would put recorders in the hands of key individuals.

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Posted by Susan A. Kitchens on September 15, 2005 in • General
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