Genealogy Jamboree in Burbank (June 2009)

image Memories of Jamboree, Burbank, California, from June of this year. Image: Footnotes at Jamboree. What fun it was to meet fellow Geneabloggers and hang out. I think I spent more time hanging and talking than I did going to the conference sessions at Jamboree.

I began composing this post the day after Jamboree. But then I got sick. All of July I was sick. Then other stuff happened. But hey, I know that today’s the day when plans for next year’s Jamboree kicks off, so what better time to belatedly recall Jamboree last June than today?

I didn’t make it to the Son of Blogger session (exhaustion set in, alas—June had been a jam-packed month), so that event was a micro-cosm of my posting of late (not much, you?)

I did make it to the Geneabloggers dinner on Saturday night, though. And, as you can tell by this image (click to view high rez version), a lot of other Geneabloggers made it, too! (not pictured: Thomas Macentee, nor I)


Here’s a movie wherein we all say hello. And I protect the super secret identity of Ms. Footnote Maven.

image The above footnote image, and this grassy image are the way I had fun keeping footnoteMaven’s anonymity. Here her Moo Card hides in the grass of a hotel potted plant. She’s hiding behind it; do you recognize her? Also, can you pick out The Maven’s foot notes in the picture above?

Seriously, it was great to meet all the Geneabloggers. Let me see if I can name them all. Here’s a who’s who at the dining tables.

The left table, starting from top/back row, left to right: The woman with the “put your hands up! Step away from the keyboard!” gesture is named Leslie Mehana of LaDonnaBella. Then there’s a couple, the gentleman is a board member of the NGS, aka National Genealogical Society; the gentlewoman is Pat Richley, aka Dear Myrtle, Jean Hibben of Circle Mending, Diane Wright of Graveyard Rabbit Travels Wright.

Nearer side of left table: Craig Manson of Geneablogie, Illya D’Addezio of, my friend Jane Neff Rollins who, now that I’m linking her Kitchen Sink Genealogy blog, might compose her second post!, and Kiril Kundurazieff of Musings of a Mad Macedonian.

Center table: Steve Webb and, standing, Gini Webb (the best! name! ever! for someone who has a genealogy blog); her blog: Ginisology, the stereotype-defying* Elyse Doerflinger of Elyse’s Genealogy Blog, Amy “Rock Star” Coffin of We Tree, George—S.O. of Thomas MacEntee (not pictured) of Destination: Austin Family and Geneabloggers. Running down the right side, I sat on the end, and since I took the pictures, I’m not pictured. Next to me (going from front to back) is Lacey Cooke, her mother Lisa Louise Cooke who runs the Genealogy Gems Podcast blog, Schelly Talalay Dardashti of Tracing the Tribe: The Jewish Genealogy Blog, and Ruth Himan, who, post-Jamboree, created the blog entitled Genealogy is Ruthless Without Me

Table on the right, beginning with those whose backs are facing the camera: Hey, she wanted to be anonymous so if she sorta disappeared in the stitching together of photos, Footnote Maven ought not to mind, right?, Sheri Fenley of The Educated Genealogist, Cheryl Fleming Palmer of Heritage Happens, Elizabeth O’Neal (the most DAR-ring person I know!) of Little Bytes of Life, and Dick Eastman of Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter. Across the table, other side, from farther to closer, sit Liza Alzo, of The Accidental Genealogist, Stephen Danko of Steve’s Genealogy Blog, Drew Smith of Rootsmithing and The Genealogy Guys Podcast, which Drew produces together with George Morgan (sitting next to him), who blogs at George’s Genealogical Gleanings. At the end of the table is Kathryn Doyle of California Genealogical Society and Library Blog, and standing next to her are Randy Seaver of Genea-Musings (without whose notes about the dinner this lineup here would not be possible), and Denise Levenick of The Family Curator.

So there you have it. Belated memories of last June, while looking forward to next June’s gathering of the Southern California Genealogical Society in Burbank, CA.


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Posted by Susan A. Kitchens on December 12, 2009 in • GenealogyPhotographs
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Great memories. Looking forward to seeing everyone (and even more of us!) at Jamboree 2010.

With best wishes and happy holidays to all,

While you were behind the camera, perhaps I was off recouping from such a wonderful event!  Lots of plans are being made for Jamboree and events to bring the genealogy bloggers together this coming year!

Thomas MacEntee  on 12/13  at  09:48 AM

That was the greatest dinner! Looking forward to 2010!
I am not sure where I disappeared to either, maybe Thomas and I were at the bar or something LOL!
Great video and photos! We all had such a great time and getting to meet everyone was wonderful.

Gini Webb  on 12/13  at  11:03 AM

Thanks for reminding us of some wonderful memories, Susan! I’m so looking forward to next year’s dinner!

Elizabeth O'Neal  on 12/13  at  03:12 PM

Yes, let’s do it once more with feeling!

Loved the foggy footnoteMaven. She is best viewed this way.


footnoteMaven  on 12/13  at  03:55 PM

Oh how fun! What a wonderful reminder of Jamboree! The video sure shows how loud we were! Nice, thank you! Can’t wait until next year!

Cheryl Fleming Palmer  on 12/13  at  08:18 PM

What more can I say?  It was a great time!

Craig Manson  on 12/19  at  08:19 PM

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