Express Scribe: Free transcription software

New (to me): Express Scribe, software to transcribe audio. Cross platform, Windows and Mac. Works with key commands or keyboard pedal. Worth looking into. Linked post says to watch out for all the upgrade offers: This free software is “bait” to get you to buy other stuff.

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Posted by Susan A. Kitchens on January 13, 2008 in • Transcription
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You can get Express Scribe from the source vendor for free by going to

I’ve never had any problems with that site trying to sell me extra items whether I downloaded free things or made a purchase from them.  They definitely have not been pesty to me in the past. 

You can control Express Scribe’s audio playback with the keyboard or you can use a foot pedal.  Express Scribe does work with some other brands of foot pedals, by the way.  Express Scribe is one of several brands of transcribers I use in my transcription business, and some of my subcontractors use it also.  Express Scribe does play a large variety of digital audio formats including some proprietary formats like .dss at least on everything through Windows XP (not sure about Vista).

Barb Krultz  on 02/07  at  09:16 PM

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