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They’ve got a page devoted to oral history; Donald Ritchie is an advisor. Gotta check it out. It has that Web 2.0 shiny hype headline of “Evoca will change the way oral history is done.” (Thank goodness it does not say that “it will take your oral histories to the next level!” – can you tell I used to work in the software biz?) Anyway, there’s a nice quick guide on that page. I gotta check out the site some more. [via Place Based Education]

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Posted by Susan A. Kitchens on February 14, 2007 in • AudioAudio: SoftwareDo it: YourselfLinks
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Thank you, Susan, for taking the time to check out Evoca and blog about us. One of the inspirations for Evoca was that I did not get the opportunity to record the oral histories of my late father Emil Sakas, who died at age 89 in 1999. Not only were his stories precious, funny and informative, but his own voice was superb. Now that Evoca is available to everyone, worldwide, all the time, no one will have to miss this opportunity. Evoca is also a terrific way to share your opinions, expertise and more. Everyone’s voice counts, Murem (I’m CEO and co-founder of Evoca)

Murem Sharpe  on 02/14  at  09:39 PM


Cool! thanks for showing up so quickly and commenting! Makes me a bit ashamed to have been snarky with that Web 2.0 phraseology. Especially when your  inspiration is very similar to my inspiration (read about my grandpa and the origins of this site). I do want to take a deeper look and kick tires and all of that with evoca.

By the way, I did do a search on evoca for oral history and got some fine-looking results, arranged by text and by tags: several audio files to listen to and explore.

I wanted to link to those search results in the post, but the url ended with something like
search.aspx&q=oral+history* (which would give a surfer the same search results that I had, and therefore make the link worthwhile to create here, remotely.)

I also tried click the tag for “oral history” and found that no audio files were listed for that tag. Odd. So I was unable to provide a meaningful external link to those files that seemed so intriguing to me.

*hm. This tells me that I need to check out how my search results for this  site are arranged.

Susan A. Kitchens  on 02/15  at  01:11 PM

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