Dakota Memories Oral History Project

North Dakota State University Oral History Project. Germans from Russia. Nice in that there are documents like scope and permissions form all for the viewing from the web site.

Lots of cool stuff found in the pop-up menus on the site, including the Inteview Topic Checklist (which is a nifty intake form, thanks to that handy-dandy world wide web!) The items that’re are what we’ll be talking about, please check off additionally listed topics you’d feel comfortable and/or interested in discussing) and biography form. It’s a good resource to think about your interviews and prep.

Of course, since it’s for a university-related project, there is a release form. Because this is going to become a resource used by scholars in perpetuity, as curated by the university. So the interviewee (narrator) says, Yes, you have my permission to make use of the interview. But an agreement among family is a good thing, too. Maybe you’ll end up giving copies of your history to a local historical society or something. And any institution is going to want a release, so that the work can be used by scholars. Still…. doing a release among family is a good idea (I say it’s a GOOD idea, tho have I done it yet with the interivews I’ve conducted so far? no. Uh, but I mean to, I really do)

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Posted by Susan A. Kitchens on November 09, 2005 in • InterviewingOral History Projects
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