Countown to my Digital Audio Workshop

Am currently working hard to prepare for Friday’s “Birthing Digital” workshop at USC for the Southwest Oral History Association conference. What equipment am I bringing? Here’s a list.

YES, you can still sign up! (late fee waived!)

  • Two Mac Laptops to demo and test all the direct-to-computer tools
  • USB mic
  • 2 USB Audio Interfaces: Edirol’s and M-Audio’s
  • No wait, make that three. Creative Lab’s EEMU USB Audio Interface
  • iPod Nano and Belkin TuneTalk, plus Belkin GoStudio. Or, everything you wanted to know about turning your iPod into an audio studio (or quick, stealthy recorder)
  • M-Audio Microtrack II Portable Digital Recorder
  • Samson’s Zoom Handy H2 Portable Digital Recorder*
  • Marantz PMD 620 Portable Digital Recorder*
  • LiveScribe Pulse Pen
  • Possibly a Tascam portable recorder
  • My own portable recording kit, as written about here

*A couple of these will be for sale, (very) gently used, in about 3 weeks’ time, once I’m finished with all my equipment tests

I expect to post lots of good info on audio recorders to this site in the weeks following this presentation.

Kevin Roderick at LA Observed mentioned the conference in this morning’s link roundup.

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Posted by Susan A. Kitchens on March 24, 2009 in • AudioAudio: HardwareAudio: Software
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