City Anniversary Stars “ordinary citizens”

Fremont, California — “As the Celebrate Fremont Heritage Team seeks to honor the city during its 50th anniversary, it has turned to an unlikely group to act as town historians: ordinary citizens.” Video histories have been collected by Ohlone College, the Fremont Adult School and area high schools. Exhibit April 19th at the Fremont Main Library.

The city of Fremont turns 50. Those of you from locations with longer history, shush your giggling. (I’ve been on the other side of ridicule

disbelief when I was in Scotland and telling a local about my city—-Pasadena, California’s hundredth anniversary.) Everybody’s gotta start out somewhere. And they’re getting stories from everyone from the get-go. On video.

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Posted by Susan A. Kitchens on April 04, 2006 in • Oral history in the news
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