CES and Macworld are nigh

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and Macworld are this next week. Various news websites are all a-twitter about what news and annoucements will be coming out of each show. Who’s going to introduce what? I’ll be following along, on the lookout for whatever news comes out of each show, especially as it affects tools for recording and preserving family memories.

On the Macworld front, there’ll be software and hardware announcements and new releases. Same thing with CES, only it’ll be more hardware than software.

I wish I were there to speak face to face to the vendors to ask how the new new new stuff they’ve been working on is supposed to last for decades, yea, even for generations. This is a whole part of industry that thrives on innovation, leaving behind yesterday’s woo-woo cool thing in order to focus on the next new hot thing. I mean, really.. they just have to make their quarterly numbers.

I’m not attending either show, but feel a bit nostalgic about both: My first trade show ever was working at Comdex in Las Vegas (alas no more; it was the granddaddy show. I think that CES is now the king show), quickly followed by Macworld. That was a few lifetimes ago in 1992-1993, when I was a new and green product manager for a set of wizzy cool photoshop plugin filters. Love this statement on Gizmodo in their efforts to get there first:

Everyone says CES doesn’t start until Monday. But we went to the Las Vegas Convention Center today, disguised as construction workers, and got to take all sorts of cool photos before we started getting dirty looks from the CES rent-a-cops.

Some buzz that I’ve seen already concerns new direction in DVD formats. Blu-ray? HD (high definition)? The shakedown in even-higher-compression DVD promises to be another VHS-vs-Betamax war. Until now, I’ve kept it at arm’s length, as if to say, “You boys* settle it among yourselves and when you’ve got it figured out, come and tell me how it went.”  I’ll pay more attention ato the debate this week, tho. I’m taking the long view, that is, “What format will succeed and be dominant, lasting decades into the future, and will there be ANY equipment that will play the losing format?”

I think that this week is also a good week to untangle the various acronyms PSP PMP etc. Portable [something] Players. I’ll try to PMP my ride or PMP my site or something.

*Sorry, fellas, for the gender bias. If you don’t like it, you can take this post and re-play it through the Regender engine.

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