Carnival of Genealogy: Writing Family History

I am so stoked. I just found the 7th Edition (date: yesterday) of the Carnival of Genealogy. Every coupla weeks, the Carnival of Genealogy leads you to new blogs on various genealogically-themed matters. The theme for yesterday’s carnival: Writing Family History. Next carnival theme: Photographs. I’ve already submitted one entry, and will prolly submit two more. Why am I so stoked, you may wonder? In seeking to build traffic for this site, I’ve been considering Elise Bauer’s advice to Start A Carnival. Yippy Skippy—Jasia of Creative Gene started it, so that’s one thing I don’t hafta do.

The permalinks s for all the Genealogy Carnival Editionare kept on the BlogCarnival site. But for archives of past edition, the theme for that particular edition isn’t mentioned. Feh. And at Creative Gene, where the carnival is hosted,  there are no links from one carnival to the next

previous. Double-feh (tho I bet that second “feh” will be easier to rectify, as it involves creating 6 links, one on each of the on 6 entries, rather than re-jiggering the feature set of the BlogCarnival site.)

So, here are the past contenders, with their themes:

Edition 1: Genealogy and Tech
Edition 2: Ethnic Genealogy
Edition 3: Immigration
Edition 4: Family Reunions
Edition 5: Historical Fiction
Edition 6: Genealogical Societies

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Posted by Susan A. Kitchens on September 05, 2006 in • Links
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