Audio Engineering Society’s 60th anniversary includes an oral history project

This is so meta. The AES – Audio Engineering Society is the place where real audio science gets done (this, according to my signal-processing engineer boyfriend). The meta part – I guess this is as good as an oral history of oral historians. This is oral history of audio engineers – the people who make recording spoken interviews possible. Very cool. the organization includes the likes of Les Paul – Les Paul!! (did you see the American Masters show about him last year? Wow!) They had a big 60th anniversary dinner and presentation (standing room only).

The event was highlighted by a screening of excerpts from the forthcoming AES Oral History Project.  Tantalizing anecdotes by legendary Columbia Records engineer Frank Liaco; Louis Goodfriend, first editor of the AES Journal; inventor and AES officer, Norman Pickering, and Les Paul, the godfather of multi-track recording, provided the audience with insights, revelations and thanks to Les Paul, occasional laughs.

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Posted by Susan A. Kitchens on March 18, 2008 in • General
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