At the Oral History Association Conference in Pittsburgh

Hello from Pittsburgh. I’m here for the Oral History Association annual meeting (conference). The theme: Oral History in the Digital Age. Today is the “workshops” day, with in-depth instruction on a number of topics.

Intro to Oral History interviewing (Oral History for newbies), Two part workshop on field recording—digital audio and digital video (I’m attending the digital video workshop). Oral History and the Law (agreements with interviewees, and how do you construct them to make an interview available to an archive or institution in perpetuity for the long-term?), digital preservation, “transforming the transcript” and a hands-on workshop for working with digitized audio and video using a particular software setup.

I’ll give a report about the digital video workshop. I’ve always wanted to cover digital video as well as audio. My strengths are in audio, and this is a good way to get up to speed.

I also wanted to attend the digital preservation workshop, but all the good ones are being offered in the afternoon. Then gain, it’s just as well, as I’m still dealing with a 3-hour jetlag, and so getting up for an early morning workshop is asking too much today. Tomorrow, however, the conference panel sessions kick off at (yawn) 8:30 am.

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Posted by Susan A. Kitchens on October 15, 2008 in • Do it: Learn HowOral Historians
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