Apple goes to Erie Museum Lecture

I love the internets. Yesterday, I did a news roundup and saw that a lecture would be taking place today in Syracuse at the Erie Canal Museum. I drooled at the topic: Myth and History. When family or community stories are mythologized – whether by accident or on purpose – and how this isn’t so great for future generations. I’d love to go. Now, I live in the Los Angeles area, so of course I wasn’t able to get there. But I happen to notice that Apple of Apple’s tree recently blogged about a house in Syracuse. Hm. Is Apple close to Syracuse? Does she know about the lecture? Is her schedule free? I sent her an email. Her answers: Yes, She does now, and Yes!!! Color me stoked.

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Posted by Susan A. Kitchens on January 19, 2008 in • GeneralPersonal History
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I’m glad I went! It was an interesting talk and I hadn’t been to the museum in 15 years or more. There weren’t many people there due to the lack of advertising but I’m working on getting the word out for the next one.

I finally have my review written.

It’s great that from the west coast you could let me know about something 30 miles away!

Apple  on 01/20  at  03:55 PM

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