Do it: Hiring Help

Services that other people offer to help you do your family oral history. Could be a part of the job. Could be the whole thing.

Thoughts from the Jamboree of last weekend

I spent three days at a table showing off digital recording tools to passers by at the Southern California Genealogy Society Jamboree and Resources Expo (which I’m calling Genealogy Expo for short) last weekend. Here’s a recap of conversational snippets and observations from the Jamboree, along with follow-up of discussions at my booth.

imageFor people who have recordings that they made already—how to get them from tape (cassette, reel-to-reel, microcassette) and into digital form: I talked to many people who’ve already done recordings that they have on cassette or even micro-cassette. Which reminds me, I want to get some resources for digitizing reel to reel tapes (one person said they have the tape, but not the recorder/player) and another who’s working off the original microcassette to transcribe the interview. I told the person to minimize wear and tear on the actual tape and get it transferred to digital format ASAP, and then do the fast forward and rewind on the digital version. The digital file won’t stretch, snap ...Read More

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aaaand Action! This is your life

Starring in your own movie about your own life. Marsha King of the Seattle Times on the trend of people to hire others to make custom movies, books, and other biographical memoriabilia. Mentions the Association of Personal Historians.

As a man who rarely talks about himself, this wasn’t his decision ... to be a movie star.

His adult children, nudged by a grandkid who heard about the idea, hired a film company to capture his personal story on a professionally produced DVD, complete with live interviews, old photos and music.

“He just had a lot of stuff to tell. We’ve been wanting to get it down on paper,” daughter-in-law Kathy Echelbarger said. “We just thought it’s a great way to get all this family history.”

The explosion of interest in tracing one’s roots has given rise to another phenomenon. Ordinary people—particularly baby boomers and their elderly parents—are hiring filmmakers and writers to immortalize ...Read More

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Tape Restoration Notes

Richard Hess has a new blog– Restoration Notes about restoration of tape recordings and digital transfer. He’s one of my heroes when it comes to digital audio. His knowledge about tape and formats is detailed and vast. He’s the go-to guy to pull audio off of tape that may be destroyed or otherwise gone to audio no-man’s-land.

I met Richard when he taught an audio restoration workshop at Cal State Fullerton’s Center for Public and Oral History. Back when he lived 2 cities over (that’s “nearby” in Southern California-speak… he since moved to Ontario, Canada), I visited his audio restoration home office and we whiled away a happy afternoon as audio geeks talking shop. Well, okay, he was mostly talking, and I was young Grasshopper, taking it all in. I’ve blogged about him before. 

I hope to have an interview with Richard on this site, too.

[disclosure: I gave Richard some advice on the software he used for his blog while he was setting up his site.]

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