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Podcast 3: MemoryMiner and John Fox

An interview with John Fox, MemoryMiner’s developer. MemoryMiner 1.1 (MacOS) is released today, July 14, 2006, MemoryMiner for Windows is in development. I interview John Fox about the software and his inspiration for creating it. (Interview from May, 2006)

Show notes:

MemoryMiner homepage

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Podcast 2: A Tale of Two Congressmen

Podcast 2: A Tale of Two Congressmen. Just in time for July 4th: On Memorial Day, I talk to my congressman, David Dreier, about digital longevity, the law and oral history. Then, a clip of Congressman Ron Kind of Wisconson, about how a family discussion led to the Veterans History Project. (Thanks to Wisconson Radio Network for the clip)

Show Notes:
BoingBoing Post that inspired the conversation with David Dreier
Clay Shirky
Mary Hodder
David Dreier, CA-26
WRN.com’s coverage of Ron Kind’s remarks (by Jackie Johnson)
Congressman Ron Kind
Veterans History Project
The toll-free number to order your Veterans History Project kit: 888-371-5848

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Podcast 1 - Introduction

Podcast 1: Family Oral History Using Digital Tools. 20 minutes. A few clips of my interviews with Grandpa. More about that visit. Plans for future podcasts. [podcast feed link]

Show notes: When I visited with my Grandpa, I blogged it at 2020Hindsight at A Lake George Diary.

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