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Lots of change looks just the same

Great Aunt Doris inscribed the back of this Photo: Pete and I have the usual argument. I, her grand-niece, can say the same about technology. Things look the same on the outside, but they’re different on the inside. I’ve just done a major update to the software that runs this site.

If you see gremlins and weird behavior, I’d love to know about it. Otherwise, please stand by. I’ll be checking things over some more, and performance should improve.

Of course, now that a lotta good stuff happened under the hood, it’s possible to make some pretty changes to how things look on the outside.

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Why the Radio Silence? Conference What’s coming up? Conference!

question mark from dominoes by Michelle MeiklejohnWhere did she go? Why all the new posts, then silence? For the last three days I was at a conference devoted to the web software upon which this website is built. Learned many good things that will go into the next major revision for this site. It’s Thursday, but it feels like a Monday after a very long weekend. A verrrrrrrry long weekend.

Aaaaaand it’s only a week (+ a day) until the Genealogy Jamboree in Burbank.

My head will be down, completing my two presentations on Interviewing Family—Sunday Morning 8:30-9:30, and 10-11. Between now and then, I’ll be posting some items to the equipment guide section. Until then, check out all the recent goodies on Interviewing in the Interviewing category, or my From Recording to Audio Series (mostly about Audacity and iTunes). Yes, I know Number 4 of that series is not yet up. Seriously, this week and next I need a clone. Number 4 will be appearing in good time.

[Image: Michelle Meiklejohn]

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Bizy Backson

I’ve been otherwise occupied for a while. As said in Winnie The Pooh, Bizy backson. A while back I mentioned that I might as well name this site Family Medical History Using Offline Tools, and that is so. My father is reaching the end of a long, long road. He is now at home, receiving hospice care. So. Well. suffice it to say, I haven’t been stoking this site with a ton of new posts and articles.

I’m going to be attending the Oral History Association annual meeting in Louisville, KY this month. I’ll be speaking there about doing family oral history (don’t take it personally? But I have to take it personally!)

There’s a part where I’ll talk about what it’s like to listen to oral histories after the interviewee has died. As I’ve been putting together the presentation, I planned to talk about my grandpa, and tell the story of my boyfriend’s Mom. But I don’t know that I want to talk about my reactions to listening to oral histories I’ve recorded with my dad—and my reactions to them—in real time.

I did write some reflections and reactions to interviewing Dad… not long after an ...Read More

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Family Medical History Using Offline Tools

A that’s a statement of one of the reasons I haven’t been around here as much. Oh, and I’ve been working on other things, too. This’ll change, at least for this week. Flurry of posts to come.

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No Jamboree this year (as if you couldn’t tell)

I didn’t make it to the Jamboree this year. Wanted to go to hang with the bloggers. But the weekend of June 28th and 29th was so oversubscribed, it wasn’t funny. I did go to a blogger meetup, tho. But it was local area bloggers. It met in my town. I had to leave early to scan some photos. Which you’ve probably seen.

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Family Health Care Time Space Continuum

Another long break. I’m back. (I think.) You know, I talk here of recording family histories, or family stories, but since April I’ve been in a slightly different mode: family medical history. It’s not from long ago; it’s current. And, depending on events (which included nearly 3 weeks of hospitalization or skilled nursing facility-ization), I find myself leaving the land of so-called normal to a different mindset– the health care time-space continuum. That place is highly absorbing, but it’s nothing I wish to talk about here. Hence the silence. (But the patient is home again, which is a nice improvement.)

I suppose if I were to relate it to the topic at hand—recording and preserving family stories—I have two things to say:

Though I have been around family members quite a bit, I find myself with zero interest in doing any interviewing. (well, one channel of my lovely stereo microphone went kaput and I haven’t had the energy or the inclination to even begin troubleshooting it beyond confirming that yes, there’s no incoming signal from the one mic.) No interest. None. Was this helped by the fact that I’ve already conducted some interviews of the family member? Probably. Though there are questions I’d still like to ask, stories I want to hear.

The Pros in the Oral History biz toss ...Read More

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Reality Intervenes

Fire! No sooner do I get back on this site (and my other blog), but fire breaks out in the foothills. I’m safe. Most everyone is safe, but the terrain is steep. It’s been unseasonably warm here in San Gabriel Valley, and fortunately, there’s no wind. We got ourselves a fire in the mountains, tho. So between local blogging and work I gotta do, I’ll be taking my time returning to normal– whatever that is.

p.s. several days later. I’m fine. I was never close to it, other than close enough to see it when I went outside and looked at the foothills. Fire is now out. I blogged up a storm at the other blog, and have lapsed back into silence for a wee time.

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Sneaking back online

I’ve been away for a spell. Now am back. Hello. How’ve you been?

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Whoa. Still here?

Hello, again. It’s been a busy week. More posts to come.

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All comments to be moderated

I hate to do this, but I’m going to have to change things here so that all comments will be moderated. All comments moderated, all the time. Sorry about that. The incoming comment spam is growing worse. I like it that this site’s software allows for commenters up-thread to be notified when a new person comments on that thread. Comment spam makes that a pain for real commenters, so for now, comments are moderated.

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Back from the Oakland Conference

I’m back from the Oakland Oral History Association conference, and overwhelmed with catch-up-to-do. There were too many good panels to attend. Some that touched on the topic of interviewing family, and others on dealing with digital media. I took copious notes (how else do you remember what happened in such a condensed, info-packed place?) and will be offering a couple of posts with session highlights.

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At PodCamp SoCal today

I’ve lots of good stuff in the pipeline for posting here, but I’ve taken my The War intermission a bit early to prepare for PodcampSoCal. Catch up on some of the recent news items, or post in the open thread. There are but 24 hours in a day, and I’m using ‘em all. Back soon with more Latino WW2 stories, Japanese American internment and Go For Broke posts, and digital requirements for submitting to Library of Congress.

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Post Expo Finals Week Excusemaking post

The Genealogical Jamboree is over. It’s finals week (been takin’ a class). This post is a sorry excuse for not saying more about the Jamboree or about why the Equipment Guide is still kinda iffy. But there it is. More soon. Tunnel. End. Light.

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Hard at work on Equipment Guide

I’m working night and day to create an audio equipment guide for this site. Don’t take this site-silence for lack of activity or thought.

Invitation for the comments: What burning questions do you have about audio equipment? (I’ll save the video questions for later….one thing at a time, one thing at a time)

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22nd Carnival of Genealogy

The carnival is UP!. The theme was Carousel. Or free for all. I liked that. Also found out through Miriam’s Ancestoris “What I’m reading these days” is that this very site is featured in the latest issue of Internet Genealogy. Cool.

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