Preservation. How do you make sure that your family's records and recordings last a long time?

PhotoshopNews: Digital Preservation

Jeff Schewe on the preservation of digital photos. The issues are the same for all digital media.

The issues discussed in this article are the same ones for preserving audio and video recordings of family history. Digital Preservation

Digital photography is incredibly fragile and subject to corruption or erasure. It must be stored in redundant media and in redundant locations to be assured that images stored in digital form will still be available in the future. But even if you backup, archive and store your digital images properly, will that guarantee that digital photography will be available in 5, 50 or 500 years from now? Will those steps ensure that photography will be readable and usable forever? [Read More]

One important part of the digital storage equation: Format, ...Read More

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CD Media World - CD-R Quality

CD MEDIA WORLD: Comparison of quality of CD-R media.
Imation, Kodak, Philips (gold) TraxData (Gold), Philips Silver, Rixoh Premium, Sony, TDK. All good.

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