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Southwest Oral History Conference links in progress

At the Southwest Oral History Association conference. This is my links in progress list of sites mentioned here. This post will continue to grow throughout the weekend as more sites get mentioned.

The Oral History on the Web Room on Friendfeed mentioned at the breakfast session (I created it, have a post in draft here, but not yet posted, w/ more explanation) but still. Go see it.

Twitter search results for #oralhistory (oral history in general) and #soha09 (the conference twitter feed)

King High Remembers Martin Luther King Jr High School does an annual event of interviewing veterans. Sunday morning, we heard from the teacher, Mr. Corona, who founded the project.

The Eastsiders. A documentary produced by Eighth and Wall.
William Beverly spoke about the project, and showed clips from it.

This is a documentary celebration of the Eastside neighborhood of Los Angeles, down ...Read More

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Orange County Historical

O.C. History Roundup. I’m in Orange County (CA) right now, where I grew up and where my parents live. I came across this site a few days ago, and it definitely merits a link and a mention. Blogger Chris Jepson has lived in OC for 30 years, and works in local history in some fashion. The most recent post features vintage movies of Disneyland.

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SoCal Genealogy Jamboree has a blog I always want to call it an Expo, for some reason.

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Two Companion Web Sites to Ken Burns’s The War

The Veterans History Project’s companion site features stories from its collection about the events described in each episode. Episode 1 covers Pearl Harbor, Bataan Death March, Guadalcanal and Japanese American internment camps. And I’ve linked to it before, the PBS Site for The War… the site got a revamp and facelift. Happy to see a prominent link from the PBS site to the Veterans History Project site.

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Digitization Resources

I could spend a good, long day getting lost in these Digitization Resources links by Hurst Associates at Digitization 101. From a workshop Jill Hurst-Wahl led at the Comptuers in Libraries conference.

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Lives Connected - Katrina Oral History

Lives Connected (uses Flash) is a website presenting video oral history of accounts of surviving Katrina. All the interviewees are staff of the New Orleans-based Peter A. Meyer Advertising Agency.

lives connected [Click image to enlarge] The website is an experiment in “data visualization” in Flash*—there’s a line that extends from the name of the current interviewee, with themes about what is discussed. Clicking the title for a theme creates a tree for that theme,  containing names of other people who discuss the same theme. Rather than sitting through one video and then another, the viewer can jump around from topic to topic.

(I would like to see a list of all topics somewhere. I came to it thinking, “Oh, Katrina oral history” and not “oOh, the stories of people who work at a NOLA Ad Agency” and so I hunted around to see if there was anyone in the oral history who did not evacuate.)

The ...Read More

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Evoca- Record to this site from your phone

They’ve got a page devoted to oral history; Donald Ritchie is an advisor. Gotta check it out. It has that Web 2.0 shiny hype headline of “Evoca will change the way oral history is done.” (Thank goodness it does not say that “it will take your oral histories to the next level!” – can you tell I used to work in the software biz?) Anyway, there’s a nice quick guide on that page. I gotta check out the site some more. [via Place Based Education]

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Carnival of Genealogy, Episode 15

A Blogger’s Dozen lists of plans for 2007 or reflections on 2006. My overly optimistic list is included among the group. Hey, I’ll be happy if I get some of that stuff done. I consider it an ongoing To-Do list, publicly stated confessed.

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The Joy of Obsolescence

Sally Jacobs writes The Practical Archivist, a new blog find (well, I found it through Moultrie Creek’s Family Matters site).

About the site: “Archiving tips and geeky tidbits for genealogists, history buffs, and keepers of the family photo album. Written by an archivist who never met an antique photograph she didn’t like.”

Sally Jacobs is seriously into obsolescence. (!!) No, really. I’m trying to figure out which of her posts to highlight, and I’m drawn like a magpie to her shiny jewels about fading things. Here are the topics of three of her recent posts:

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Genealogy Carnival #12: Solving Technical Problems while doing Family History

Technical problems and family history. A favorite topic of mine, seeing as how my life is mired in often consumed by solving technical problems. Indeed that’s what this site is all about.

This edition’s entries include: magnetic tape and cinching; putting grandpa’s travel album online; research, kludgy sites and frustration; why one writes software; liberating photo albums of physical space; family geek fun; how to organize digitized family letters, how to use VoIP to record family research phone calls, finding family history videos on the net, and transparent technology in telling tales of Mom.

It’s a cinch. This is not the cinch you are looking for

Richard Hess keeps a blog called Restoration Tips and Notes; he’s a man with a collection of dang near every reel-to-reel tape recorder head ever made. And he buys special cassette players on eBay. Just because. He’s involved in the business of restoration, which means he doesn’t transform the tape itself, but works to restore and capture the sound on that tape. He works with tape recordings of all sorts and


skillfully coaxes old tape to play. He then transfers it to a digital format. Maybe he cleans it up, maybe he does a straight transfer. He’s witnessed ugly and hopeless spools of tape. His post, Let sleeping tapes ...Read More

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Carnival of Genealogy, 11th edition

This version, Making the Most of Family Get-Togethers, is hosted at The Carnival is roving this month, and the next carnival will be here!!!

Next topic: Have you encountered a technical problem while working on your family history? Did you solve it? Then let’s hear the problem and your solution. Haven’t found a solution? Describe what it is, and how it affects you (who knows, you might find a solution as a result). You know that all software and hardware works perfectly. (cough, cough). It never breaks. All components work well with one another. Uprades always go smoothly. (yeah right sure). So come one, come all. Feel free to gripe. Or to boast of your prowess. Or anything in between. Just as long as it’s about solving technical problems while working on your family history.

Submit your blog post by 15 November here

...Read More

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Digital Genealogist

A magazine in PDF form launches. Digital Genealogist picks up where the defunct Genealogical Computing left off. Check out the inaugural issue: November/December 2006. Subscription $20/year.

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Extinct Media

Dead is a website devoted to outdated media formats. The Category list is fascinating to browse, containing items such as telegraphy, ancient phonographs, panorama photography, the acoustic telephone, and lots! more!

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Carnival of Genealogy: Writing Family History

I am so stoked. I just found the 7th Edition (date: yesterday) of the Carnival of Genealogy. Every coupla weeks, the Carnival of Genealogy leads you to new blogs on various genealogically-themed matters. The theme for yesterday’s carnival: Writing Family History. Next carnival theme: Photographs. I’ve already submitted one entry, and will prolly submit two more. Why am I so stoked, you may wonder? In seeking to build traffic for this site, I’ve been considering Elise Bauer’s advice to Start A Carnival. Yippy Skippy—Jasia of Creative Gene started it, so that’s one thing I don’t hafta do.

The permalinks s for all the Genealogy Carnival Editionare kept on the BlogCarnival site. But for archives of past edition, the theme for that particular edition isn’t mentioned. Feh. And at Creative Gene, where the carnival is hosted,  there are no links from one carnival to the


previous. Double-feh (tho I bet that second “feh” will be easier to rectify, as it involves creating 6 links, one on each of the on 6 entries, rather than re-jiggering the feature set of the BlogCarnival site.)

So, here are the past contenders, with their themes:

Edition 1: Genealogy and Tech
Edition 2: Ethnic Genealogy
Edition 3: Immigration
Edition 4: Family Reunions
Edition 5: Historical Fiction ...Read More

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