New Digital Audio Recorder: Samson’s Handy H2

imageNow shipping! Coming out Real Soon Now, The Samson Handy H2 audio recorder looks oh so sweet. Smaller, less expensive version of Zoom Handy H4, the Handy H2 looks to be an improvement on the H4. Details from manufacturer. Street Price, when it goes on sale is $198.

Built in microphones designed to pick up a good stereo image (designed for musicians, but hey, interviews will do just fine that way). The combinations of mics allow for different pick-up patterns. Or plug in your own mic to the mini-jack microphone port.

Record Audio CD-quality stereo WAV files. Either to flash memory card, ro use the recorder like a USB mic and record directly to your computer.

If I were in the market for a recorder and I didn’t have any interviews to conduct over the summer, I’d seriously consider waiting to get this. Lots of bang for the buck for just under $200. (SoundProfessioanls says “August” others say “coming soon”)

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Flash MemorySD, up to 4GB

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Thoughts from the Jamboree of last weekend

I spent three days at a table showing off digital recording tools to passers by at the Southern California Genealogy Society Jamboree and Resources Expo (which I’m calling Genealogy Expo for short) last weekend. Here’s a recap of conversational snippets and observations from the Jamboree, along with follow-up of discussions at my booth.

imageFor people who have recordings that they made already—how to get them from tape (cassette, reel-to-reel, microcassette) and into digital form: I talked to many people who’ve already done recordings that they have on cassette or even micro-cassette. Which reminds me, I want to get some resources for digitizing reel to reel tapes (one person said they have the tape, but not the recorder/player) and another who’s working off the original microcassette to transcribe the interview. I told the person to minimize wear and tear on the actual tape and get it transferred to digital format ASAP, and then do the fast forward and rewind on the digital version. The digital file won’t stretch, snap ...Read More

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Post Expo Finals Week Excusemaking post

The Genealogical Jamboree is over. It’s finals week (been takin’ a class). This post is a sorry excuse for not saying more about the Jamboree or about why the Equipment Guide is still kinda iffy. But there it is. More soon. Tunnel. End. Light.

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SoCal Genealogical Jamboree this weekend

image I’ll be in Burbank at the Burbank Airport Hilton Marriott later today and all weekend, representin’ this site and showing off equipment for making recordings. Should be lots of fun. Oh, and I got a wonderful audio-equipment-related birthday present yesterday. So retro. So cool.

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Hard at work on Equipment Guide

I’m working night and day to create an audio equipment guide for this site. Don’t take this site-silence for lack of activity or thought.

Invitation for the comments: What burning questions do you have about audio equipment? (I’ll save the video questions for later….one thing at a time, one thing at a time)

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