Marantz PMD 620 Flash Memory Recorder

Marantz PMD620 Portable Flash Memory Recorder The Marantz PMD 620* portable digital recorder runs in the mid-to-high $300-range. If that fits within your budget, this is an excellent recorder. (Click image to enlarge)

The Marantz PMD620 Portable Recorder can record using its built-in set of stereo microphones, or takes an external mic that plugs into a 3.5mm port (stereo-mini plug, dual-mono mini-plug, or mono).

The recorder is powered using AA batteries (standard alkaline or NiMH) for portable hand-held recording, or it can be operated using the supplied AC power adapter that you can plug into an electrical outlet.

The user control are very easy to use, with a prominent record button for one-touch recording. Press the button to start recording. (I’ve lost very important recordings using “press twice” recording controls—the first press to start monitoring the near recording and the second to start the recording itself. After that experience, I highly favor the “press once” user interfaces.)

The Marantz PMD 620’s readout is white, with large enough type to view the elapsed time and time remaining. The display is is suitable for users of all ages—easily visible to middle-aged users who need reading glasses.

The Marantz PMD620 Portable Recorder uses SD—Secure Digital memory cards. There is no upper-limit to the card’s capacity. As higher and higher capacity SD cards come onto the market, the recorder will be able to write to and read from them all.

Transfer the digital files to your computer using two methods:

  1. First, plug in the supplied USB cable to connect the Marantz PMD 620 to your computer, and power the recorder up to put the device into USB Connection mode (works whether or not there are batteries inside the Marantz PMD 620 Digital audio recorder).
  2. Or, remove the SD memory card and then insert it into an external memory card reader that connects to your computer via USB cable.

Either method will allow you to read the contents of the memory card like any removable USB disk drive: Copy the audio files to your computer.

The Marantz PMD 620 is available at (affiliate link)

[Disclosure: No person has paid me to write about this product. The unit I have was purchased by my significant other. *If you purchase through links on this site, you help support my ongoing efforts to bring you news and research on audio equipment and techniques.]

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