Hard Disk Recorder

Manufacturers of portable hard-disk based recorders:

  • Apple iPod
  • IRiver (no longer made)
  • Iaudio
  • Archos

Instead of a solid state recorder—with no moving parts,  just electric signal flowing through various circuits—a portable hard disk recorder stores your recordings on a highly miniaturized hard disk drive. That disk drive, when it is running, does have moving parts. I have experienced an intermittent very low frequency hum in recordings made on my Archos G-Mini 402. When the recorder is on the same surface as the microphone, and the recorder spins up the disk drive in order to write the audio data, the vibration of the drive was picked up by the microphone. (Happily, I could filter out extremely low frequencies from the recording and make sure the next time that I don’t have the recorder and mic on the same surface)



Advantages: Large capacity (up to 60 GB) which translates to the possibility of long, uninterrupted recordings
Disadvantages: Potentially extra noise in the recordings, if care is not taken to isolate mic and recorder

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