Cassette Recorder

The cassette tape recorder is a solid performer.

If you are purchasing or intend to use a cassette recorder, make sure that it has the following:

What about a cassette recorder which has also an AM/FM radio? I’d advise against it. I’ve used one combination radio cassette recorder/player and the recording contains some low-level radio broadcast. I can’t recall exactly whether a radio was being played in the room while the conversation was taking place. But I have heard radio signal “leak” into my home stereo as well. Don’t borrow trouble.
What about the micro-cassette recorder? Nope. Do not use it. The speed of the tape and the quality is too low. Micro cassettes will not be discussed here. They’re not good enough. but don’t count on it to create a lasting record.


You can buy cassette tapes pretty much anywhere, making emergency restocking of recording media pretty easy.


Analog, with the usual noise and distortion

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